Panel Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your panel? Manufacturers Zinsco and Federal Pacific Electric have lost their UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listing due to faulty products resulting in failing components. In some cases, these failures have resulted in fires either contained within the panel. In more serious cases, the fires spread throughout the home or building.

The first step is to check if your panel is manufactured by one of the companies mentioned above. If not, here are some tips for identifying if your panel may need repairing or replacing.

What to look out for in a bad panel:

  • Installed before 1970
  • Constant tripping of circuits
  • Breakers need to be replaced constantly
  • Even in the off position, the panel stays active
  • Loose connections in the panel
  • Panel not appropriately fastened to the wall
  • Burnt connections
  • Double tapped/lugged circuits
  • Mismatched breakers
  • Fuses in the panel

Got Watts? electrical technicians are experienced in replacing residential and commercial electrical service panels and sub-panels, with particular attention paid to proper rewiring, clear labeling, and ensuring ample power for present and future use.

Why is UL Listing important? Starting 125 years ago, Underwriters Laboratories began the arduous task of rigorously testing products for safety, quality, and reliability for all products that seek the listing's stamp of approval. The UL organization focuses on global certifications that ensure products are safe for living and working environments.

 Before Panel&Upgrade After

SPAN Panels

SPAN has created smart panels for the 21st century. You can monitor your electrical panel with an app. You can get reports on which circuits seem to be using the most electricity or how many of your circuits are being solely powered by your home's solar system.

The SPAN Panel is also compatible with Amazon's Alexa, allowing your control of your home's electrical system with your voice.

Got Watts? is a certified SPAN Panel installer, and we can help your home's electrical system for the present and the future.

To learn more about the SPAN Panel, please visit the SPAN website.

SPAN Panel in Garage
SPAN Home App for iPhone and Android

Steps to Request a Panel Upgrade

To begin requesting a panel upgrade service estimate, we request all potential clients send photos of their current panel setup.

If you use our online contact form, you will have the option to upload your panel photos. We've included a few helpful examples of the types of photos that assist with providing an estimate for your project.

  1. A general photo of the area with the main service panel (the area with the PG&E meter).
  2. A photo of the panel with the door open, showing the breaker handles with numbers clearly visible.
  3. A close-up photo showing your PG&E meter number.
  4. A close-up of the manufacturer's label (if still attached).
  5. If present, a close-up of your main breaker.
General Photo of Main Service Panel
Service Panel with the Door Open
Manufacturer's Label Inside Panel Door
PG&E Meter Number
Full View of Main Service Panel