SPAN Drive

The new SPAN Drive electric vehicle (EV) charger represents a considerable advance in home chargers. With almost complete control of how and when your vehicle charges, you can help manage your utility bills while getting the most from your electric vehicle.

The SPAN Drive can use just your solar panels to charge your vehicle or use the excess electricity your panels generate. You can set your vehicle to charge during only off-peak hours, saving you money, or pause other circuits in your home and direct the electricity to your charger, charging your vehicle even faster. If you have a solar battery backup, you can even charge your vehicle if the power goes out!

What is SPAN Drive?

SPAN Drive is a Level 2 home EV charging station that pairs with SPAN Panel for a dynamic and flexible charging experience. With the SPAN Home app, SPAN Drive allows you to charge your EV faster, cleaner, and smarter.

Do I need SPAN Panel for SPAN Drive?

Yes — SPAN Drive is designed to pair with any generation of SPAN Panel in order to leverage SPAN’s whole-home intelligence and get unique benefits like dynamic charging, charging with solar, charging during an outage, and more. SPAN Drive is sold exclusively as an accessory to SPAN Panel and is not supported as a standalone charger.

What is Level 2 charging?

While new EVs generally come with a Level 1 charger (a cord or charging system that plugs into a standard home electrical outlet), a Level 2 charger requires a dedicated 208-240 volt circuit and charges at significantly higher speeds. Level 1 charging typically delivers up to 6 miles of range per hour of charging to your vehicle; Level 2 charging typically delivers up to 27 miles of range per hour of charging.

SPAN Drive is a high-powered Level 2 EV charger, delivering 11.4 kW, or up to 41 miles of range per hour of charging.* Paired with the intelligence of the SPAN Panel, SPAN Drive is able to charge fast by adjusting charging speed dynamically and “borrowing” unused capacity from other home circuits.

*Charging speeds will vary by make and model.

SPAN Drive charger with electric vehicle

For more information on the SPAN Drive electric vehicle charger, please visit the SPAN website or contact Got Watts, a Certified SPAN Drive installer serving the SF East Bay.

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