SolarEdge Re-Energize Program

SolarEdge Re-Energize Program

SolarEdge is contacting customers to provide an important update regarding the cellular modem that came with your solar system. This modem was included as part of SolarEdge's original single-phase residential inverter. Below we have outlined the details and options for addressing this update on your SolarEdge solar system.


The SolarEdge single-phase residential inverter included a built-in 5-year cellular data plan that connects to a 2G network. This allows your SolarEdge system to communicate between your solar system, your installer and the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform.

The cellular carrier networks recently announced it would be discontinuing 2G network service on April 2, 2024, and migrating to 4G/5G. The cellular carriers, not SolarEdge, made this decision. This means SolarEdge will no longer have the option to keep your system connected. Once the 2G network is shut down, the online connection to SolarEdge and your installer will be lost.

Your system will still produce solar energy. However, it will lose access to:

  • System outage monitoring notifications
  • Energy generation reporting
  • Remote installer maintenance
  • Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) Incentives
  • Discuss Options and Questions: Please contact Got Watts for assistance!

Replacing the cell card in your existing Inverter with a new 5-year plan costs $900. However, the future of cell service is uncertain as towers continue to transition from 3G to 4G and now 5G. It’s unclear how long 3G and 4G will be around.

To prevent a lapse in connection service to the Solar Edge Monitoring platform, we recommend calling Got Watts as soon as possible to discuss options before the planned April 2, 2024, 2G network shutdown.

In conclusion, if you plan to remain in your home for at least five years, upgrading to the new WiFi-ready Home Hub Inverter using the SolarEdge Re-Energize Program (with or without a battery) is the best long term value as outlined below.

SolarEdge Re-Energize Program Options

SolarEdge has partnered with Got Watts to offer a FREE Home Hub Inverter upgrade when you add a SolarEdge Home Battery to your SolarEdge system.

  • Get the latest generation Home Hub inverter for FREE!*
  • Home Hub is WiFi-ready. No need for cell cards or cellular plans.
  • Keep your lights on with a SolarEdge battery.
  • New 12-year Home Hub warranty.
  • Home Hub is SolarEdge EV charger ready (AC and Bidirectional).
  • Home Hub is battery-ready. SolarEdge or Tesla batteries.
  • Add more panels without another inverter (oversize up to 200%).

* To qualify for a FREE SolarEdge Home Hub inverter, you must purchase a SolarEdge Home battery or a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery with installation from Got Watts. See product pricing outlined below. Prices include permitting and installation.

Cell Card Only Option

  • SolarEdge cell card with a new 5-plan. Price with installation: $899
  • No additional warranty for your SolarEdge single-phase residential inverter

Inverter Only Options

  • SolarEdge Home Hub inverter installed for $1,800 (Models SE3000-SE7600)
  • SolaEdge Home Hub inverters installed for $2,100 (Models SE10000-SE11400)

Inverter + Battery Options**

  • SolarEdge 10kWh Rate Saver Battery (Non-Backup) and get a new SolarEdge Home Hub inverter for Free. Price with installation: $15,000
  • SolarEdge 10kWh Backup Battery and get a new SolarEdge Home Hub inverter for Free. Price with installation: $17,000
  • SolarEdge 20kWh Backup Battery and get a new SolarEdge Home Hub inverter for Free. Price with installation: $24,000
  • Tesla 13.5 kWh Power Wall 3 Backup Battery and get a new SolarEdge Home Hub inverter for Free. Price with installation: $18,000

**Depending on your location or jurisdiction, permitting may be required for your project. In most cases, there is an additional fee for Got Watts to manage the permitting process. Ask your Got Watts Solar Consultant for more details.

EV Charger Option

  • SolarEdge Home EV Charger seamlessly integrated into the Home Hub inverter. Level 2 home charging station, 40A (9.6kW) max charging power. Price with installation: $1,200

Ready to Get Started

Contact Got Watts, and our experienced Consultants will answer your questions and walk you through the steps necessary to get your project underway. Note, to get accurate pricing, we will need the model number of your current Solar Edge Inverter.