3 Energy Savings Tip for the Bay Area

3 Energy Savings Tip for the Bay Area

Summer is creeping up, and so are the hotter months of the year! The Bay area is no stranger to hot summer days and this year will be no different with temperatures predicting to be just a bit warmer than last summer. It's super tempting to stay indoors with the a/c on full blast to escape the heat but think of the power bill the following month! Fortunately, there are a few ways to save energy (and a little bit of money, too) on the west coast this summer and you'll find some of the best tips here!

  • Open your windows and maybe even your front door! If you have the luxury of being able to enjoy an open-air house, do it! Screens make a massive difference as they keep out any unwanted pests and still let you enjoy that Bay area breeze during the evening. This will keep your a/c on the backburner for when you need it. And fresh air is free! (But if you have to use your a/c, make sure it's clean! A new filter can make a huge difference in an a/c unit. It keeps it from overworking itself and lets you get the most of your cold air.)
  • Grill more! Who needs more reasons for a backyard BBQ? Now you can say it's environmentally friendly! Fire up that charcoal or propane grill and cook dinner outside tonight, and tomorrow, and maybe even a few times next week too! This will cut down on energy used in the kitchen, especially when it comes to using a hot oven that will eventually warm up the entire house.
  • Invest in some right blinds or curtains! If you plan to stay indoors when it gets hot outside, using window coverings will help block excess sunlight from warming up your home. It can also have a reverse effect if you'd rather have natural light fill your home rather than turning on every light in the house.

Keep yourself cool, calm, and energy efficient this summer with these 3 top tips to save energy this summer. But when all is said and done, the best way to spend summer and save energy is to recharge yourself at one of California's beautiful surrounding beaches. No power of plug-in necessary!


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