5 Reasons to Invest in Whole House Fan in East Bay Area

5 Reasons to Invest in Whole House Fan in East Bay Area

Living out along the East Bay has countless benefits, but it can get on the pricey side. Various home improvements can be made that will help knock down your monthly utilities out in San Fran and still keep your home cool and comfortable. One of the best options is having a whole house fan installed in your home, and here you'll find out why!

  1. No need for money-sucking a/c! During the summer, cranking that a/c feels almost unavoidable, but you'll find that not to be the case with a whole house fan. The name rings true because a whole house fan truly cools down the WHOLE house! Not just a single room (like with most window a/c units) but everywhere, just like central air but without the high utility cost!
  2. Fresh air circulating through your entire home. With the whole house fan, you'll get fresh outdoor air circulating through your home to cool off the inside. You may think it takes a long time to start feeling the fan's effects, but don't worry! Once the fan starts working, you'll feel a difference almost immediately in temperature and will soon be able to breathe the difference as you take in all that fresh air rather than chilled air from an a/c unit.
  3. No loud fan noises! A whole house fan is a quiet device that you'll all but forget about when that cool fresh air is running through every room. There's no loud blades or motors that will bother you or keep you up at night. A lot of that has to do with the fan's location, which is typically installed in the attic or generally out of sight. Even extra noise-canceling items, such as specific ducting, can get rid of the slightest noise from your whole house fan. 
  4. Keeps you cool, calm, and collected! No need to worry about cooking a big dinner in the oven and having your home remain warm for some time after. The whole house fan kicks in its cooling effects right away, and they last. These fans will continue to keep your home cool after an entire home cooldown. The difference is around 30 degrees, so it does make a difference!
  5. It's a healthier option for your home. A whole house fan not only cools your home down, but even in the winter months, when you don't need the extra chill, the fan is beneficial. With the fan itself's power, it's able to kick out all kinds of nasty allergens, dust, and whatever else we can't always see that can get us sick. This is especially helpful in a stuffy house in the winter since we don't see much snow along the East Bay.

A whole house fan is a great addition to add to your home in San Fran. It will keep you cool in the hot months and healthy in the cooler months. Not to mention all the money you will save after making the switch!

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