Are LED outlet covers really a thing?

Are LED outlet covers really a thing?

There was a time when outlet covers were just flat pieces of plastic used to hid the metal housing and wiring to your outlets. Sometimes you could even find some stylish wooden covers or maybe even one with your favorite sports team's logo on it.

But one thing electrical outlet covers have never been known for was providing any useful function. With advancements in electrical technology, all that is changing! A simple thing like an outlet cover now has a purpose.

Whether you want to call it a nightlight, accent light or guidelight…tiny LEDs have made it possible to put the lights directly into the covers. Even better still, they are controlled by how dark or light the room is. And since the light is built into the underside of the cover, both your outlets remain open for you to have access. There’s almost no reason at all why every outlet in every bathroom, hallway, kitchen or foyer shouldn’t have the soft glow of illumination coming from the outlets.

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