The Scoop on Knob and Tube Wiring

The Scoop on Knob and Tube Wiring

For a period of time from the late 1880s to the late 1930s, the most common design used in the electrical wiring of our homes and commercial property was called Knob and Tube wiring, also known as K&T Wiring. And this type of wiring is VERY common throughout the East Bay Area. With modern advances in electrical wiring, there are much safer and more efficient methods for electrical wiring and many benefits to upgrading or completely removing and replacing the knob and tube wiring in our homes and commercial properties.

One of the most common issues with Knob and Tube wiring is that the insulation material used to construct the outer casing is made from rubber which breaks down and degrades over time. What this means for buildings with Knob and Tube wiring is that over time, the wiring becomes more dangerous as the rubber begins to break down and expose bare, live electrical wires to moisture and air. With replacement to more modern wiring systems, the insulation material used is durable plastic - providing protection that lasts.

While the complete upgrade or replacement of Knob and Tube wiring is an investment, the benefits are well worth it. The safety the upgrade or replacement provides far outweighs the cost and tragedy of a home fire or electrocution and will also most likely make you eligible for a significant reduction in your home insurance premium.

Improve your electric’s efficiency and the safety and protection of your home and family by contacting Got Watts Electric today to discuss the upgrade or replacement of your home’s Knob and Tube wiring.

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