What you should know about Appliance Timers

What you should know about Appliance Timers

In our homes today, appliance timers are proving useful for saving power by automatically turning off and on appliances when we need them. We use the timers to control anything from lighting, sprinklers, water heaters and coffee makers.

Here are various types of appliance timers available on the market today to provide you with Energy cost savings:

  1. Timers that use a standard 120V outlet are convenient for having coffee ready when you wake up in the morning, then turned off around the time you’re ready to leave for work. The same type of automatic timer is used to turn lamps or lighting on and off.
  2. Wall-mounted automatic timers - these timers take the place of your traditional light switch. You can find them to include motion sensors that provide you with light that senses your movement, hands free, no matter what time of day or night it is. These are available in indoor or outdoor models.
  3. More complex / programmable automatic timers - these can be used to turn on a variety of appliances like lights, fans, or a heater at the exact time you want and to shut off exactly when you want. You can even set different times for different days of the week. These automatic timers are available in both mechanical and digital models.
  4. Sprinkler timers - whether electronic, battery operated, or mechanical, sprinkler timers all serve the purpose of turning on the water to wet your lawn and garden for a specified amount of time on the days you tell it to water.
  5. Cost Savings - The money you can save in power and water is significant when you use automatic timers. The savings will of course vary from one person to another depending on your habits and the cost of the timers you purchase.

Contact Got Watts Electric today for more advice on purchasing, installing and properly using automatic timers to your best advantage.

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