Whole House Fans - Why do I need one?

Whole House Fans - Why do I need one?

True to its name, a whole house fan can significantly reduce the temperature in your entire home. However, the make and model of the fan must be suitable to the size of your home in order to be effective.

Typically installed in the ceiling of the upper level of your home, connected to the attic, a whole house fan needs to be centrally located, installed air tight and have access to proper ventilation to provide the most efficient operation. There are several benefits to using a whole house fan for your home, compared to a central air conditioning system and the following are just a few:

  1. Speedier Operation
    Whole house fans work by drawing hot air from your entire home, up into the attic and then outside through ridge or gable vents. In turn, empty space is filled with fresh, cool air from outside. Compared to your central air conditioning, a whole house fan works much quicker, and you’ll feel the air cooling effects within minutes.
  2. Lower Operating Costs
    During daily operation, a whole house fan costs you around 10–25% of the money your central air conditioner costs you to run. It is much more affordable and will save you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill every summer. After one summer of operation, your whole house fan will pay for itself.
  3. Affordability
    For half the price of a window air conditioning unit, you can purchase a whole house fan. At 10 times less expensive than your central air conditioning unit, it makes perfect sense to own one.
  4. Cleaner Air
    Instead of recirculating your home’s air the way your central air conditioner does, a whole house fan is drawing in fresh air and then letting it out of the house, leaving the air inside your home healthier and easier to breathe. This helps eliminate and prevent odors and allergens and provides superior ventilation.
  5. Quieter Operation
    Unlike the loud rumbling emitted by your central air conditioning unit, newer models of whole house fans operate quietly, and without disturbing the silence. With a whole house fan, even as a light sleeper, you won’t be interrupted by the sudden kicking on and off of a thermostat.

For more information, visit our page with detailed information about Whole House Fans.

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