Wildfires and Your Home's Electrical System

California is no stranger to fire danger, especially over the last few weeks. The state has seen its fair share of wildfires and so far this year alone, it’s been some of the most serious yet. Over a million acres have been affected, and 41 lives lost too date. Though the majority of the most recent wildfires spread out through California have been contained, some are still fighting and burning and causing excessive amounts of damage. Many cannot return to their homes, simply because it does not exist anymore. Those who are lucky enough to still have a place to come home to need to take some things into very serious consideration before living comfortably again; such as electrical systems in still-standing homes.

After an event like a wildfire, it is crucial to have your home inspected if you were in an affected area. These inspections will provide a peace of mind in knowing your home is safe or has the potential to be safe, rather than be kept guessing and hoping.

Fire can damage electrical wires very obviously and will cause additional fires inside the home if sparked. If a firefighter is present during the blaze and attempts to contain the fire, the water from the hoses will also damage any exposed electrical wiring. It is important to make sure all electricity is turned off, and appliances are unplugged before returning to the affected home.

Entirely new wiring might be a possibility after a wildfire. This will ensure that all of your wirings is up to date and code, plus it will be brand new. No issues or worries if there will be a short or spark due to the previous disasters. So if your home has been affected by the recent wildfires affecting all of us in California, please contact us for a complete whole home electrical inspection and we can give you recommendations on how to proceed with any electrical repairs in your home, making sure your family is safe and sound.

After a natural, or sometimes even manmade, disaster such as a wildfire it is smart to have a professional electrician assess the damages to your home. It could easily save your life one day.

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