Electrical Upgrades for EV Cars

Electrical Upgrades for EV Cars

Upgrading to an electric car is a big step in saving you money and helping the environment along the way.  But what kind of upgrading will electric vehicles need and what is the purpose of the upgrade? Arguably the best part about an electric vehicle is its reliance on electricity to run, so a proper charge is vital to the motor of the electric car. The charging station for your EV purchase should be able to give it the best and longest charge possible. Plugging into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet can work, but if lights start to flicker and surge - you're in need of an upgraded system.

AC Level 1 - 120V/15A. Generally takes 8-12 hours for a full charge of the EV, or additional 2-5 miles driving range for each hour charged. Uses a typical 3-prong household plug but does require a dedicated branch circuit to keep other items in the home that are plugged in, safe.

AC Level 2 - 240V-30-70A. It takes 3-6 hours to reach a full charge, or additional 10-60 miles driving range for each hour charged. This type of system requires the installation of a specific home charging device with dedicated circuitry. It is not compatible with a typical 3-prong household outlet. This type of system upgrade can also come with a very beneficial offer incentive or rebate depending on your local government. This setup is also fully customizable.

DC Fast Charging. This type of charging is rapid speed, a full charge in just 20 to 40 minutes! But this is a setup that requires a lot of specialized equipment and electrical upgrades to handle the output of all that power. That is why these types of charging systems are usually found in public areas such as apartment complexes, downtown areas, workplaces, retail hubs, etc.

Keep it green and make sure you're not wasting power with the right upgrade for your system. A faster charge with a newly upgraded system for your EV means more people can see just how much more practical it is to charge your ride rather than fill up.

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