Is Going Solar in the San Francisco Bay Area a Good Idea?

Not only is solar power as an alternative energy source rapidly becoming the most popular way to power a home, but San Francisco Bay homeowners are also in one of the most prime locations to take the most advantage of it. California holds the record for the most solar power usage over every other state in the nation. Because of the area’s fantastic access to sun exposure, many solar energy customers enjoy the benefits of relying solely on solar rather than the traditional power grid.

In addition to location, there are many benefits to going solar in the San Francisco Bay area. These advantages include:

  • A relatively short payback period for solar investments.
  • Solar investments provide an Investment Rate Return of 10-20% that is more secure than the stock market and better than a savings investment.
  • After your solar energy pays for itself, it becomes practically free.
  • Not only does solar power save you significant money on your electric bill, but it could also eliminate it!
  • Solar energy fixes your costs of electricity; thus you’re shielded from ever increasing electricity rates that sometimes go up an average of 6.7% per year.
  • Solar energy is renewable, clean and sustainable, which makes it an environmentally friendly energy. Installing home and commercial solar panels help to protect our environment.
  • Solar energy does not generate pollutants that contribute to climate change and global warming, smog or acid rain.
  • Solar energy contributes to the local economy and job growth.
  • Solar power systems are expandable and adjustable - they can be added to or reduced when the need for more or less energy arises.

Although the upfront costs of a new solar power system are somewhat high, even with finance charges, your solar power system begins to save you money on your electricity bills on day one. Solar energy is a fantastic solution and environmentally friendly alternative energy that's an excellent idea for residents of San Francisco Bay and all Californians.