Parking Lot Lighting: We have a boom lift!

Parking Lot Lighting: We have a boom lift!

Although it may seem they are just somewhat larger than an average light bulb, the light fixtures at the top of parking lot light poles and those that line city streets are a whole lot larger and heavier than most people imagine.

This creates a plethora of issues when one of these lights goes out. First, how does someone safely reach that high of a level to change the bulb when it has burned out? Then there is a giant issue of simply getting the bulbs up to where they can change them and getting them properly connected considering their size and weight.

No matter what, it’s a job that has to be done because parking lot lighting is necessary for both safety and convenience and proper lighting in outdoor spaces is necessary to help avoid accidents and criminal activity from taking place. Poorly lit parking lots can strap a property owner with hefty liability and negligent charges should damages occur.

Thankfully, the professionals at Gott Watts Electric have new and improved Boom Lift Trucks!

Electrical crews require a safe and secure method of reaching the replacement bulb as well as having the ability to maneuver themselves and the equipment close enough to the pole to change out the old bulb and install the new one. A boom lift truck makes the most sense for the job.

Boom Lift Trucks are great for changing out parking lot lighting, street lighting, signage, and anything placed at a level that needs to be reached safely and have the job done correctly.

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