Whole House Fans

Whole House Fans

It's summer, and as the days get longer, the weather gets hotter. That means you're more than likely pulling out some spare fans or cranking up that a/c for more extended periods. Your house might feel cool, but your energy bill isn't going to be very cool at the end of the month. Thankfully there's a way to cool down your house without an army of fans or turning your rooms into iceboxes. A whole house fan could be the perfect new addition to drop the temperature inside your home!

A whole house fan is a type of fan usually installed in an attic or roof/outside wall. It can easily be mixed up with an attic ventilator which only exhausts some hot air from an attic and does not bring in any cooler air. With a whole house fan installed, it pulls all the air out of the entire home which causes pressure differentials (positive and negative - we'll get to what this means in a moment) through the gable or vents (soffit vents), The positive pressure differential is what makes the hot air become forced out, which then creates the negative pressure inside the rooms we are in daily that will draw in air from open windows. 

When it says these fans work for the whole house, they mean the WHOLE house! It doesn't just keep a single room cooled down like a window a/c unit or an oscillating fan does, and it doesn't just get rid of the hot air from one room, like a powered attic ventilator. You're looking at a fan that's no bigger than a top-grade window unit a/c that can be installed out of sight, vents that aren't noticeable when not in use, and a quiet running system that can save you from the heat as well as spiking energy bills this summer.

There are also several different options to choose from when looking for a whole house fan. Most common is the ceiling-mounted, this fan is installed between the attic and the rest of the home. Next is the ducted version which is installed away from the ceiling and placed on rafters instead and can expel trapped heat in the house in various directions. Another is the window-mounted version, which is a smaller window unit in the window frame. And finally, there is the rooftop-mounted version, which is perfect for those homes with no attic space. 

Stay cool this summer with a newly installed whole house fan. Save the sweat and high energy bills for someone else!