Why You need an electrical safety inspection before the Holidays

Why You need an electrical safety inspection before the Holidays

If you or anyone you know was recently affected by Hurricane Matthew, we are glad you are safe, and we hope you and your friends and family  caton restore your property quickly and smoothly.

These disasters are a poignant reminder that everything can change in the blink of an eye due to circumstances beyond our control. With the holiday’s coming up, it is with a heavy heart that we remind our customers that just like natural disasters, a house fire from faulty electricity can mean devastation. The good news is, that unlike natural disasters, with the proper planning and precautions electrical fires can be prevented. 

This is the time of year when homeowners need to make  certain that there are no fire hazards in their home. These hazards  are primarily associated with putting up outdoor lights and Christmas decorations. Setting an appointment for an electrical safety inspection gives you the assurance that all of your wiring and electrical receptacles are good. Too often as electricians, we hear of families that had their Christmas tree and their house catch fire simply because there were too many items plugged into one outlet, using extension cords. Remember safety first: you can NEVER have too many electrical outlets.

With November and Thanksgiving coming up, there are few worse things than being in the middle of cooking and baking several different recipes and having a breaker trip. An electrical inspection will allow you to get your breakers properly checked and be fully prepared for all the festivities and excitement that's to come.

You and your family’s peace of mind is our number one priority this holiday season and throughout the year. We want you to have a safe and happy holiday season.