Solar Battery Backup

To get the most from your solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you should complement it with a solar battery backup system.

When using a solar PV system, any electricity generated by the system that your home does not use is returned to the main power grid. For this, you will receive a credit on your utility bill.

With a battery backup attached to your solar PV system, any electricity generated by the system that your home does not use is instead transferred to battery storage for later use. You can then use that stored energy to power home your home in the case of a power outage or during peak afternoon hours, reducing your dependency on the main power grid and reducing your utility bill.

Duracell Power Center

One of the most trusted names in batteries, Duracell, now has a solar battery backup solution for your new or existing solar PV system.

The Duracell Power Center offers more power and storage than many of its competitors and has the huge advantage of being compatible with all existing solar PV systems.

Visit the Duracell Power Center website for more information.

What We Offer

Independence from the Grid

Have you been through one too many power outages? We understand. Pairing solar with battery backup is a natural choice when facing Public Safety Power Shutoffs, Rolling Blackouts, and other power outages.

Lower Your Utility Bill

Storing your solar energy allows you to use your stored energy to avoid paying higher rates during peak hours, lowering your energy bill.

Always Keep the Power On

Many devices (for breathing and other medical needs) require constant, uninterrupted power. Solar battery backup helps provide peace of mind and a plan of action when the grid faces another outage.

Cutting Edge Technology

With the use of an app provided by the product manufacturer of your choice, you'll be able to track everything from generation, storage to usage.

Available Expansion to Fit Your Home's Growing Needs

Some of the manufacturers we carry offer expandable battery cabinets to accommodate changes to your energy usage over time.


From third-generation technology to having no single point of failure, battery cabinets have become a durable choice for power backup.

The Solar Battery Estimate Process

Property Ownership

Due to permitting issues, we must work directly with the property owner. If you rent your home or otherwise do not own your home, a good working relationship with the homeowner is critical.

PG&E Annual Usage

We request 12-24 months of your PG&E statements to establish your average energy usage. Use our easy-to-follow guide to get your statements.

Local Permits

We will pull necessary permits and go over any additional work that needs to be performed (main and/or subpanel upgrades) at the time of your estimate.

Solar Income Tax Credit

We'll review your eligibility for the Solar Income Tax Credit of 26% in 2021 or 2022. You can read more about the income tax credit from the United States Department of Energy.

Did you know?

California has the Self-Generating Incentive Program (SGIP), which can help you offset the cost of your solar battery installation.


Battery Backup Usage Monitor

Got Watts highly recommends solar battery backup systems from Generac or Enphase. We have found that these systems have proven to be the most cost-efficient and durable systems on the market.


Generac home battery backup systems use the PWRview app, available on the web and with apps for Apple and Android devices. With this app, you will be able to monitor your energy usage in real-time, see historical trends in your usage, and even forecast your utility bill, so there won't be any surprises.

  • Open on the Web
  • Download from the App Store
  • Download from Google Play

Enphase home battery backup systems use the Enlighten App, available on the web and with Apple and Android apps. With the Enlighten app, you can monitor your current and historical usage and analyze the system performance against historical weather data to know what weather conditions cause you to use your battery backup system more.

  • Open on the Web
  • Download from the App Store
  • Download from Google Play
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