Static Electricity - the downside of colder weather

Static Electricity - the downside of colder weather

Cold weather brings so many good things with it. From cozy, warm sweaters to snuggling up next to a warm fire, the colder weather is a lot of people’s favorite time of year. But what about that pesky static electricity? You know the stuff. You get out of your warm car and bam! You’re shocked by the car door, or you walk across the room to give your aunt Betsy a hug and you shock each other, or the sweater pulled over your head makes your hair stand on end.

So what can you do to lower your run-ins with that pesky irritation that comes along with those crisp cool days?

One solution is to increase the humidity in your house. Some people do something as simple as boiling a large pot of water on the stove so that the steam fills up the house, or you could purchase a humidifier to reduce the frequency and severity of the shocks.

Try switching to clothes with natural fibers. Synthetic fibers pick up more of a static charge and act as a conductor for electricity within your body.

If the static electricity in your life is at a serious level - such as in a job in an electronics or manufacturing industry, you can purchase special shoes that prevent electric shock - especially in colder climates.

One surprising way to prevent static shock from occurring is to wear a thimble on your thumb, or carry a coin. This prevents you from feeling the pain from the shock, although the shock is still occurring.

For static shock control in work areas, stand on rubber mats, or wear anti-static wrist bands.

For these and other winter safety tips, contact the professionals at Got Watts Electric, the East Bay’s Premier Electrician today.

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