Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

The first step in electrification and independence from the power grid is installing a highly rated solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Solar panels on your roof take in the abundant California sun and, through an inverter, turn it into electricity to power your home. If the panels don't generate enough electricity for your home, the power grid is used as a backup source. If the panels generate too much energy, that energy is put into the power grid, and you get a credit on your bill.

Because you are reducing your dependence on the power grid, you are helping to eliminate CO2 generated from electricity-producing processes like natural gas and nuclear.

And because your home will be generating a significant amount of its own energy, you should see a drastic reduction in your monthly utility bill almost immediately.

Solar PV Systems

What We Offer

PG&E Connection

At the installation time, we work closely with PG&E to connect your home with the main grid. This step is required to start seeing savings with your new system.

Attractive Panels

Not only do we focus primarily on warranty-backed panel products, but we also provide attractive panels with optimal performance, using minimal mounting hardware to make sure your home stays beautiful.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

We provide a close inspection of your existing sub and main panels to ensure smooth connections with your new solar PV system.

Financing Options

Our payment options include cash or financing to provide our clients with the best long-term investment.

Our Guarantee

Solar panels have two warranties: a performance warranty, which states how well your solar panels will perform over a given time, and an equipment warranty, which can protect your panels against equipment wear or environmental damage.

And with over ten years of experience installing solar panels, you can be assured that the professionals at Got Watts will get the job done right the first time.

30 Year Warranty

Got Watts offers top of the line warranties from SolarInsure. This warranty give you peace of mind in knowing that if something does go wrong, Got Watts has got you covered.


A 30 year warranty on panels, inverters, optimizers and racking.

Roof Penetrations

If a leak in your roof is caused by the solar panel installation, it is covered for 30 years.

Ownership Transfer

If you sell your home within the 30 years, you can transfer this warranty to the new home owner at no cost to either of you.

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The Solar Estimate Process

Property Ownership

Due to permitting issues, we must work directly with the property owner. If you rent your home or otherwise do not own your home, a good working relationship with the homeowner is critical.

PG&E Annual Usage

We request 12-24 months of your PG&E statements to establish your average energy usage. Use our easy-to-follow guide to get your statements.

Local Permits

We will pull necessary permits and go over any additional work that needs to be performed (main and/or subpanel upgrades) at the time of your estimate.

Solar Income Tax Credit

We'll review your eligibility for the Solar Income Tax Credit of 26% in 2021 or 2022. You can read more about the income tax credit from the United States Department of Energy.

Solar Q&A

To provide an accurate comparison, we'll need 12-24 months of your PG&E statements, your property's average energy usage, and whether or not you plan to finance or own your solar PV system.

For any new solar system to function, PG&E has to upgrade the meter attached to your residence. This process is handled by your solar contractor and, once completed, will ensure your new system functions properly.

Yes. Your solar cost projections should also include your 12-month settlement bill (true-up bill) that settles all credits and charges from PG&E. Any charges occur when your energy usage exceeds your panel's output.

No. The first reason is for the safety of PG&E crews. Solar PV systems are shut off during an outage to prevent workers from encountering live electrical currents that could result in electrocution.

The second reason is instability caused by the differing amount of energy collected by your panels could damage your home's electrical system. If your panels stayed on during an outage, this would result in damage to your appliances and possibly your electrical panels, as there would be no way to stabilize the solar energy produced.

Due to liability reasons, we do not offer this service.

Financing Options

  • No FICO Requirement
  • Lower Fixed Rates
  • Longer Terms
  • Based on Availability
  • Property Assessment
  • No Credit Check
  • Fixed Rates
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Government Backed
  • $0 Down
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Based on Qualifying Energy-Efficient Products

We offer cash and financing as payment solutions, and we will present all of your options at the time of your estimate. Your Got Watts Solar Sales Representative will answer any questions you may have.